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(Accredited by the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE))

IMS-IPT Management System
Welcome To Arusha Technical College IPT Management System.Through this system you
  will be able to apply for IPT Placements,Upload Arrival Note,Communicate with your
  IPT Supervisor,provide feedback about your IPT etc
  How To Use .In order to use this system you must first verify that you are studying at ,
  Arusha Techincal College by clicking the register button and filling in your admission
  number . Then you will be directed to a new page with your personal information,fill in
  your email address(You will use this to login in this system) and create your password
  You must use a working email account,the system will send an email to your account for
  verification purposes .You cant use this system without activating your account via email.
  Thank You..........
  For Detailed instructions on how to use the system click here